Basic information

Piiri House

A small modular dwelling


piiri exterior



This image shows the radial grid in which the main circle is divided. Having a central focus the division shows the place where the different modules of units and terrace will take place. The modularity of the project is what gives the opportunity to be expandable.

Expansion Examples


This image shows the three possibilities of expansion. The smallest example  includes a bathroom, a kitchen concentrated in one unit, and an extra unit where one person could stay. The next possibility ‘smaller’ has two extra units. The first is added to the other two in order  to have an actual bed, and the unit in the middle can be left free. The second extra module is for storage. Small, which is the last possibility, the maximum Piiri can grow, adds 4 more units. Two serve as a sauna and the other 2 as a ‘guest’ space.




In this image the ‘smaller’ possibility is shown in more detail, since this is the one we are going to built. This plan shows the four units and the two types of terrace modules.

Interior Space


These two images show the interior of Piiri. The first one shows the bed at the end and the one to the right shows the kitchen, which will be done in plywood. To the sides is possible to understand the interior cladding of the curved wall coming together with the ceiling, as well as the door.

Interior image-Kitchen side

interior kitchen

Interior image-Bed side

interior bed



These drawings show how Piiri even though is a small dwelling has enough space, from being alone to having guests.



A section to understand the interior and exterior space dimensions on a human scale.



This images show the structure of the units, from the frames joint together by the curved horizontal connectors, covered by a plywood interior and exterior.



This image shows the different space modules that we will built, so that they fit together forming Piiri.



This image shows how the different modules of units and terrace will be transported.



These drawings show the assembly process on site of Piiri. After all the prefabricated elements have been made in the workshop, we transport them to the site and this is how we place them.


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