After 30 days…

After 30 days Piiri House had its doors opened, it was visited by about 100,000 people. We’ve heard thousands of opinions and we’ve seen hundreds of expressions on people’s faces. We’ve expirienced how the house works in a hot summer day and more usual in Finland rainy weather. And now Piiri is going to be prepared for the auction and getting ready to find a new owner.

AnneKinnunen_14 AnneKinnunen_14 (2)

AnneKinnunen_13 AnneKinnunen_12 AnneKinnunen_11 AnneKinnunen_10 AnneKinnunen_9 AnneKinnunen_8 AnneKinnunen_7 AnneKinnunen_6 AnneKinnunen_5 AnneKinnunen_4 AnneKinnunen_3 AnneKinnunen_2 AnneKinnunen_1Photos by Anne Kinnunen


AnastasiiaIeremenok_2 AnastasiiaIeremenok_panorama final 1 final 2 final 3 final 4

Model in scale 1:20

by Anastasiia Ieremenok


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