Visiting Hyvinkää

At the end of January we went to visit the site of the housing fair for the first time. Our task was to find a good location for our project, a nice space easily reachable and preferably with a tree to go on the center of Piiri. There were already some houses under construction, the roads half-way marked and a lot of snow. These are some of the pictures that we took:


This first image shows the map of the housing fair that is being used at the moment on site for construction purposes, it shows the main roads and the lots. The second image shows one of the spots we chose as an option for the location of our project. With a 17m high pine tree on the middle on slightly sloped land.


This image shows one of the playgrounds of the housing fair, the forest at the back, and the scale of the trees that are left.


This is one of the main streets for the site, which after the fair is over will remain as a neighborhood with the sold houses. The houses on this street were already very advanced on the construction, at the back is possible to see the pine forest.



This is the forest that surrounds the housing fair, easily reachable from the site. This place was also thought as an option for the project’s location we just have to make sure that is accesible for the transportation truck, and well seen from below so people would want to come and visit us.


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